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My Cat Story

I am a proud owner of 2 feral cats that I adopted a few years ago. They were roaming the neighborhood for months before I decided they had no home and took them in after one of them suffered a broken foot from a trap that had been set up by a neighbor for raccoons in the area.

They were on the wild side and would run when they saw me, but would come back to their food and water when I wasn't around. I finally won their confidence after I caught the injured kitty and got treatment for him. They are now happy, healthy cats and very loveable. Fawny who is blue-eyed and fawn in color, walks with a slight limp from the trap injury, and doesn't move as fast, but continues to stay active and playful. ***Apricot is an orange long-hair with greyish eyes. He is also a very affectionate cat, but not as playful as the the others, and would rather be petted by the human hand. He goes with me to the mailbox, and stays very near me when I am working in the flower garden. I will usually pull a weed or two and then stroke him a time or two :).. and he's with me to the end of the session.

***Apricot was mauled by a neighbor's dog who was running free for awhile. He died October 2002.
Happy to say that dog is no longer around.

The 2 homeless kittens adopted (1 still with me), lived in the owner's car for a couple of weeks (for what reason, I didn't ask) before he finally came to me and asked if I would keep them until he found a home for them. Naturally, I couldn't refuse. They were such well-mannered kittys, and seemed so happy with me. They captured my heart from the very beginning. A few days went by and I relayed a message to him saying I would keep them. My granddaughter fell in love with one of them (Velvet) two years later and decided to take her home one day. Of course she never came back to me. She had a very loving home until she died 3 years ago with heart failure.

The other abandoned cat was found in a water puddle in a nightclub parking lot one cold rainy night when he was about 2 months old (per vet). He was actually vomiting round worms and was loaded with fleas (so sad).  

A friend brought him to me knowing he would have a home here. He is now 9 years old and has developed the Feline Urinary Tract Disease, which will soon overtake him, but he continues to be quite active . He is also a very sweet, loveable cat.

My 12 year old was a gift my son presented to his girlfriend, who decided she didn't want him after 3 months.

UPDATE !!! I am saddened to report that my Jackie died June 5, 2001. He was my verbal one, and I miss that conversation and the affection he had for me anytime we were together. Letting go has never been easy for me... but time heals - if we wait long enough.

My 4 year old I adopted when she was 5 weeks old. The owner doesn't spay or neuter their cats, and naturally they always have kittens to find homes for. Her name is Silvee, and she has a page on the menu, "Silvee & Friends" - where you can learn more about her.

I am so thrilled to say I am again blessed with another beautiful white kitty...now approximately 9 months old. He was a very healthy little furbaby that was probably lost by someone. He was roaming in the shopping center on August 1, 2002, and came running up to me when I got out of my car and started into the store nearby. I stopped and talked to him....thinking he belonged to someone shopping. When I started to check out, he was at the door looking in. I asked the cashier about him, and she said he was lost.... had been there all day running up and down the sidewalk.....and was probably hungry. Of course, that was all she needed to say to me. I left my name and number in case someone inquired about him, brought him home and fell in love with him immediately. To date, no one has come forth....so I'm hoping he is now mine. "Snowbe" is his name. You can read more about him on another page entitled Snowflake. You will then know the rest of the story concerning my attachment to "Snowbe". ;-)

For the sake of the innocent animals, please help them survive by adopting.... or finding someone like Hattie who WILL :)

My cats have all been spayed or neutered. I encourage this procedure for all pet owners....to reduce the population of unwanted kittens.

This is the story of my 5 surviving cats ~ Fawny, Silvee, Snowbe, Whiskers & ZeBe.

Updated: September 28, 2003


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