An Old Old Story

Let me tell you all a story, it's very very old.
about a loving Father, so it must be told.
it's said we should repeat it, so everyone will know.
now i'm telling you my friend, this is how it goes.

Our Father started with the Word
"Let There Be Light"
He didn't need to turn a switch
His Word did it just right

after awhile He spoke again
"Let US Make Man In OUR Image"
and would you know, so we're told
that was our beginning

now Adam was created
but needed someone of his own
so Father made him fall asleep
so He could take a bone

Adam woke and there was Eve
a partner by his side
now that is the story of
the first man and his bride

as time went on people were born
but they had all turned bad
so Father called a righteous man
to help him heal the land

He asked old Noah to build a boat
so He could make it rain
God washed the world of all it's sin
new life would start again

He will not flood this world again
to us He gave a sign
a rainbow after rain we see
His covenant for all time

many years passed on by
still people went astray
so Father sent a Special gift
His SON we should obey

now Mary had a baby boy
a virgin we are told
Gods child could not be born of sin
to come into the world

Gods child must live like other men
to grow and know the strain
like all Gods children here on earth
to feel and see the pain

He went through racial prejudice
He went through hate from men
was tempted, laughed at, spat on
Our Lord they did condemn

so we can't say "you do not know
what I am going through"
for Jesus went through all these things
just for me and you

Jesus came to give us life
He came to set us free
from the evil of the world
to a heart that would believe

to go into our Fathers house
we must be born again
not re-born in human ways
a Spiritual birth in men

we must repent of all our sin
He will wash us clean
and just like in the days of Noah
your new life will be seen

the Spirit guides you through your life
just reach out your hand
and when you read His Holy Book
He helps you understand

no greater Love can people know
than the Love of JESUS CHRIST
you will find such joy unfold
when you give the Lord your life

I have often been asked, what does it mean to be born again.
Sometimes this can be hard to explain to someone.
Firstly it's making Jesus Christ your personal Saviour, but it's also so much more.
God manifests himself in different ways to each one of us.
And when He does I can only say, You Will Know.

I have found a page with a very good explanation on this.
So please, if you would like to understand further about being born again,
or on receiving the Holy Spirit. I invite you to visit this site...

Baptism In The Spirit

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