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2 kids&kitten

This is sooo cute -
I couldn't resist adding it here ~
Thank You Brenda!

Hello Everyone!

Here you will find some Precious Moments Images for your use. I hope you enjoy what I have found.

All I ask is that you please transload or upload them to your own website server. I will be periodically renaming or replacing these gifs.

NOTE: I want to thank my friend Donna (tomeegirl) for collecting most of these gifs, and setting up this page for me - as a surprise gift. A pleasant was.

Thanks again Donna Dear!

A Hug Boy With a Teddy Angel Pushing a Stroller
Baby with Toys Boy with a Doll Baby On Scales
Girl Holding Balloons Do I have to go to Bed Dress-Up in Dad's Suit
Can you Fix My Car Happy Birthday Can I Be your Friend
Christmas Shopping Caroller Do I have to Clean
Playing Doctor Bedtime Story Wanna Go Fishing
Football Anyone What's Wrong Guardian Angel
Exchanging Gifts Exchanging Gifts2 Christmas Decorating
Goose Kiss Let's Fly a Kite Help at a Water Fountain
First Date First Kiss Sweeping Up
Tea Party Baby's First Day Home Just One Penny


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Same to you, my friend
Thanks Cindy

larry gift

~ AMEN ~
Thank You Larry


The feeling is mutual
Thanks Gail


Another one from Cindy & Larry
I love these little people
Thanks for thinking of me

This is an interesting page of jim dandy specials - with our little people....and OH SO Cute!

As I've Matured...