In Memory of Nippy Girl

Nippy was my 13 year old Shepard/Timber Wolf mix. She was my constant companion until November 4, 2000 when her life ended.

It's going to take some time for me to accept the fact that she had to leave me.

She was with me anytime I was outside. A real protector. Funny, but she would never follow me when I started to go somewhere on the property or to the garden, but she would suddenly appear behind me and be lying there watching my every move. And when I went into the garden to gather vegetables, she would get up and actually follow me through the rows, and never step on a plant. She was so graceful in every way. She loved ripe tomatoes, and would eat one with me after we gathered them and came back to the house. I knew not to come into the house without first eating a tomato or pepper with her. She would actually pout at me if I forgot to do this.

Anytime someone came to the back of the property to do repairs on the phone or electrical lines, they knew to wait at the gate until I greeted them with a welcome. She would look at me, then look at them, and wait for me to say, "It's ok Nippy" Until 2 days before she died, she was keeping guard over me.

She had been on medication for arthritis for about 2 years, and had been doing great on Glucosamine 1000 mg, but she suddenly stopped eating and I couldn't get her to take her medication. She finally got too weak to walk, and surrendered to that dreaded word "death"

Although I have given up many pets, and grieve for all of them, I was not prepared to face another loss such as this precious gem. Since she was so very loyal and protective of me , I now realize that she only wanted to be, the number one member of my pet family.

It never gets any easier to say goodbye, but this void will haunt me until ... Well, I'll explain why~

I was very critical of her actions in controlling the other pets, and scolded her more than I should have. Yes, I know now.... there is a lesson to be learned from this loss.

Incidentally, if you have gotten this far in reading my story , and you are not bored, thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to share my thoughts and grief.



July 1987
November 4, 2000

A gift of a sizeable wicker bed that was given to her to comfort her aging body ... sits untouched by the other pets ~ still respecting her wishes as if she were here. Her growl was well understood and obeyed by all.

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My heartfelt thanks to my dear RUAgoodwich2 for this beautiful Pet Memory Award.
Her thoughts mean so much to me with this allotted share of grief.


You're Lovely!
Thank You SunRae'
Rec'd: 7/5/01


To My Sister in Wolf Spirit
Thank You SunRae'
Rec'd: 7/5/01

My Dear RUA ~ Words can't express my appreciation for your kindness, and encouraging words. As the song goes, "You are so Beautiful to Me" ~ ((HUGS))



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