bulletHi Everyone,

I am the second of seven - born in a small coal mining area of West Virginia. I moved to Ohio in 1958....now retired (of course), and living a quiet life with only my pets to comfort me. I rarely have visitors, family, or friends, so pets are the best part of my world today. If I'm lucky, I might get a phone call once a week from a family member or a friend. Smiley

bulletI was blessed with two children.. a daughter 52, a son 51, a grandaughter 19.....and you will not wonder why I am so proud of my one and only grand child when you read her Bio (BELOW)

bulletMy other babies include my yellow Lab (Sugar) 14 yrs old; my Pomeranian (Moki) almost 11 yrs; and the father of my two youngsters - (Tippy and Toby) who will be 8 yrs., come this November...Yikes!...where has all these years gone? And....as of April 2003,I now have the mother of my babies (Sassy) who is soon to be 10 years old. Her owners (and my close friends) left this state, and decided she would be happier with the family.... since she has always spent a lot of her time with me. I had been taking care of her periodically, so she had become very attached to us. This little family helped me cope with the loss of my beloved Nippy, the 13 yr. old German Shepard/Timber Wolf Mix who passed away on November 4, 2000. A memorial of "My Beloved" can be found on the menu - if you care to learn about her.

bulletI am now down to 1 cat, Whiskers 14 yrs., 2 cockatiels 15 and 17 yrs old... and of course my assortment of fish lost in the waters by choice.. Smiley

bulletMy WEBTV was a gift from my daughter in May, 2000, and a printer was added by my son who got tired of hearing me complain about "writer's cramps". This has been good therapy for me. Then.... for Christmas 2005, my daughter surprised me with a new HP computer and a Canon printer.

bulletMy sincere thanks go to my friend Donna who gave this site it's originality and, without her, this website would not exist. Thank you Tommegirl for coming to my rescue...just when I felt my webtv was crumbling around me.
Of course, there are others I still turn to when I need help. Brenda and Angel Blue are my main sources of support, and are always there when I need them. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for these two people in my life.

bullet ~ A Complimentary Note ~

If you have visited this site before, you are probably wondering if you are in the right place. Well, my friend, Angel Blue gets the credit for all this upgrading. She does a beautiful job on webpage designs. I was elated when I saw these lovely bar lines, and buttons...Ah..unique is the word here. Thanks friend!

bulletI would also like to add ... I have met some of the most beautiful people in the world, (another plus) since I got my WEBTV....and I truly believe it was a God-send. I find it difficult to socialize, so friendship doesn't come easy. Now, I'm happy to say, this little black box has opened a new door for me. Smiley

bulletI plan to tell you more about myself in the future, but for now, I'll leave it at this. Incidentally, there is a separate page entitled, "My Hometown" - on the menu - if you'd like to check out my "roots". Smiley

bulletI appreciate your visits, and please let me know your thoughts of what you've found here.

There's more to come, so check back often.

Updated: July 2008


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